Sublevel Zero Redux launches for Nintendo Switch

Our roguelite six-degree-of-freedom shooter, Sublevel Zero Redux (SL0), launches today on Nintendo Switch making it available on all of this generation’s major formats. Our lovely friends at Coatsink are publishing and co-developing the Switch version. Together we’ve tweaked & updated the game based on fan feedback to create the ultimate portable version of SL0 and added new and unique motion controls exclusive to Switch.

Check out the game page here on the Nintendo Store!

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  1. I’m not sure if this is the best place to report game issues, but I’m having a repeated issue with my ship taking self damage. It’s ruined a few good runs since I picked up the Switch version. It only seems to occur when my projectiles hit an enemy, and I’ve only noticed it with the pulsar so far. I’ve tested firing at walls, crystals, and lots of non enemy things, and it doesn’t seem to happen consistently on every run. What is consistent is that I’m firing at an enemy when this occurs. These are basic enemies that don’t have homing weapons, so I’m confident I’m not being hit by their projectiles (I’ve even taken damage when sneaking up on a bot!) Are there enemy variations that have some form of damage reflection? I might just be missing a less obvious mechanic. Thanks! Kyle

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