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Founded in late 2014 by Luke Thompson and Gary Lloyd, SIGTRAP Games is based in Manchester – but we get around all of the north of England. Occasionally even the south and overseas as well.

Our debut title SUBLEVEL ZERO was released in October 2015, and we’re currently working on VR and console versions (alongside multiple other unannounced projects…). It’s a fast paced but strategic shooter. Combat is in the mould of classics such as Descent and Forsaken, but with looting, crafting and unforgiving roguelike mechanics.


Want to get in touch? Fabulous. You’ve got a few options:
Twitter: @SIGTRAPGames
Post: Really? Ok:
Red 25, Sharp Project
Thorp Road
Manchester M40 5BJ


Luke is our co-founder and lead coder. Coming from a PhD in Physics at Manchester University (but never sure whether to actually use his title), Luke brings analytical and creative thinking to game design and code. Manchester, UK.


Gary is our co-founder and lead artist. With experience from HyperSloth Games and Sketchfab, Gary drives SIGTRAP’s art direction. Currently this involves bloom, pixels, and a distinct lack of polygons. Huddersfield, UK.