March 2016

Unity Software Design – Encapsulation


The previous post was about a fairly specific “pattern” (Singletons). The topic this time is more of a general concept. Encapsulation, also known as Information Hiding, refers to designing code modularly, such that each part is as isolated from the others as possible. This doesn’t mean any one technique – it’s a broad engineering principle…

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Unity Software Design – Singletons


A recent debate on Twitter (on #UnityTips Tuesday) got me thinking. The vast majority of coding articles and tutorials for Unity (both official and third-party) are pretty specific. You get plenty of “How to Make a Space Shooter” or “How to Make Hitscan Weapons”, and almost none of “Minimising Coupling Between Classes” or “Writing Maintainable…

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Unity Software Design – Introduction

This is a series of posts prompted by an observation – the vast majority of Unity tutorials and articles (official and third-party) teach how to use Unity, not how to design software. It’s easy to find, for example, specific help on “how to make a hitscan weapon in Unity”. And there‚Äôs plenty of abstract software…

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