Sublevel Zero Redux Signature Edition PS4


Sigtrap Games create focused, no-filler indie games.


We’re a tiny indie studio based in the north of the UK. We love games, and we’re lucky enough to make them.

Sublevel Zero

Our debut title Sublevel Zero is a roguelike 6-degree-of-freedom shooter on PC, Mac and Linux, with beta support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



Sublevel Zero Redux and VR Released on PC!


It’s finally time! The enormous free Redux expansion for the Windows, Mac and Linux version of Sublevel Zero is now live, including full VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive! Sublevel Zero Redux brings a remastered campaign, difficulty modes, new enemies and unlocks, and much more. As the definitive version of the game we…

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VR Comfort and Optimisation


Comfort and Sim-Sickness In finalising the VR version of Sublevel Zero Redux, we’ve done extensive research and development into comfort. Sublevel Zero is a perfect case study for sim-sickness – a game where players move and rotate freely in all directions, often with no well-defined up or down orientation, at high speed, while dealing with…

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The Journey to VR and Sublevel Zero Redux


As you probably know, Sublevel Zero is being re-launched as Sublevel Zero Redux on July 13th, with full VR support and a huge free expansion, on Steam, Oculus, GoG and Humble. We wanted to take players through the tricky, convoluted, and much-delayed story of its development. As has been discussed many times, the game began…

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