Sublevel Zero Redux Signature Edition PS4


Sigtrap Games create focused, no-filler indie games.


We’re a tiny indie studio based in the north of the UK. We’re two to five people, depending on how you count these things. We love games, and we’re lucky enough to make them.

Sublevel Zero

Our debut title Sublevel Zero is a roguelike 6-degree-of-freedom shooter on PC, Mac and Linux, with beta support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



Jamchester 2017 – SYNCHROCIDE

Hi everyone! This weekend (June 23-25) we (Luke and Gary) participated in Jamchester 2017 – the second annual incarnation of the UK’s largest professional game jam. With the help of composer / sound designer Richard Evans, over the 40 hours of the jam we created a mindbending local multiplayer game called SYNCHROCIDE. Two players control…

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Sublevel Zero Redux Released!


We’re incredibly proud to announce that Sublevel Zero is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the form of Sublevel Zero Redux! Redux is an expanded, enhanced and remastered version of Sublevel Zero, and we’ve taken this opportunity to improve upon the original. With a revamped campaign, difficulty levels, a teleporter system, new…

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Sublevel Zero Redux Delayed

Hi everyone, We’ll get right to it – We’ve been blindsided by a nasty, last-minute bug with Sublevel Zero Redux. This unfortunately means that we’re going to miss the 22nd February release date. We can only apologise to anyone who’s pre-ordered the game and feel that we’ve let you down. This is certainly not the…

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