Sigtrap Games create tight, no-filler games.


We’re a small studio based in the north of the UK. We love games, and we’re lucky enough to make them.

Sublevel Zero Redux

Sublevel Zero Redux is a roguelike 6-degree-of-freedom shooter on Switch, PC, PS4 and XBox, with full VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


VR Tunnelling Pro

VRTP is the most advanced VR comfort solution available for Unity. Cutting edge sim-sickness solutions, high performance, total cross-platform compatibility and plug-and-play simplicity makes VRTP a must for any VR game or experience.



Sublevel Zero Redux launches for Nintendo Switch

SL0 Switch

Our roguelite six-degree-of-freedom shooter, Sublevel Zero Redux (SL0), launches today on Nintendo Switch making it available on all of this generation’s major formats. Our lovely friends at Coatsink are publishing and co-developing the Switch version. Together we’ve tweaked & updated the game based on fan feedback to create the ultimate portable version of SL0 and…

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Sigtrap talk SUPERHOT Quest tech at Oculus Connect 6

OC6 SUPERHOT website

Our lead programmer, Dr. Luke Thompson, was invited to OC6 to give an in-depth talk on how we collaborated with SUPERHOT Team to create SUPERHOT VR for Oculus Quest and the challenges of squeezing a full PC game onto a standalone VR unit. GASP at our per phase optimisation! SWOON at our totally reengineered lightmapping!…

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SUPERHOT Quest: “The Best Version Of A Classic”

SUPERHOT Quest reviews website

The reviews are in for our port of SUPERHOT VR for Oculus Quest and it’s going down a storm – staying consistently in the top-three bestsellers on Quest since launch. “The Best Version Of A Genuine Classic.” Upload VR “Superhot VR is another game that feels even more precise and intuitive on the Quest.” Stuff…

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