Sigtrap Games create focused, no-filler indie games.


We’re a tiny indie studio based in the north of the UK. We’re two to five people, depending on how you count these things. We love games, and we’re lucky enough to make them.

Sublevel Zero

Our debut title Sublevel Zero is a roguelike 6-degree-of-freedom shooter published by Mastertronic and coming out on PC, Mac and Linux this year.



Jamchester 2016


You can download and play our jam entry ‘The Crystal Curse’ (we know the name’s bad!) here. Remember – it needs a Vive, 3-4 people and at least 3m x 3m to play in! A few weeks ago, Luke and I teamed up with Sublevel Zero composer, Will Bedford, to enter local game jam event,…

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Unity Software Design – Statics and State


I’ve mentioned statics in the first post in this series, on Singletons, but there’s a bigger discussion to be had about this concept, and – more generally – the concept of “state”. Static Fields Static fields exists outside any particular instance of the object that declares them, and are thus shared between all instances of…

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Unite Europe 2016


Slides for our talk, Designing Motion for Vehicular VR Games, can be found here. Unite Europe, held last week, is an annual Unity-focused conference in Amsterdam. Gary and I were fortunate enough to be giving a talk, so we thought we’d write a run-down of our time at the conference! Our talk, titled Designing Motion…

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