Making Everything Matter


If there’s one central design principle in Sublevel Zero (apart from shooting evil robots until they die), it’s making everything matter. Wait, that should look more important. Here we go:

Making Everything Matter™”

Our aim is for Sublevel Zero to be more than just a run-and-gun experience. While the combat is fast paced and skill-based, we want players to think strategically about their survival. So everything the player decides is designed to have weight, from using a health pack to crafting a new module for their ship.


One key aspect of this is limited inventory space. Players have to make choices about what they pick up, what they drop, what they use and when they use it.

For example health packs take inventory space which could be used for another shiny new weapon. They also take time to apply – you can’t just use a health pack in the heat of battle and instantly be ready to shoot three more waves of evil robots until they die.

Randomness and Crafting

An evil robot. Shoot it until it dies.

An evil robot. Shoot it until it dies.

Obviously, as a roguelike[1]or roguelite, or roguelike-like, or procedural death labyrinth, whichever you prefer, Sublevel Zero is based on randomness. Levels, loot and enemies are all different each time you play. But ultimately we want your play style to be up to you, not just to the items we throw your way.

This is where crafting comes in. You’ll get different loot every time, but you choose what to craft from it. So randomness is the start point, not the be all and end all.

And this leads nicely into…

Permadeath and Progression

Adding this to the constant threat of permanent death should make every playthrough of Sublevel Zero feel meaningful. Every enemy is a real threat, and any bad decision could lead to your untimely death.

Along the way you’ll be unlocking crafting blueprints, perks and ship classes as you play. This way, each playthrough matters not only to itself, but to your progression through the game. Next time you play, you’ll have more ways to shoot at those evil robots until they die.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. or roguelite, or roguelike-like, or procedural death labyrinth, whichever you prefer

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