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Motion Settings
Motion settings
Motion settings

All effect variants use the same motion settings. Any combination of angular velocity (turn rate), acceleration and velocity can be used and tweaked.

All motion types can be toggled and have the following properties:
Strength - How much does this motion type contribute to the effect?
Min - Below this motion amount, no effect.
Max - Above this motion amount, the effect is maxed out.
Smoothing - Motion calculation will be smoothed out over this time.

Angular Velocity

Drive the effect using turn rate. Angular velocity tends to create the most sim-sickness in users, so this is on by default.


Drive the effect using acceleration. Changing speed and direction contributes to sim-sickness in many users, but less so than angular velocity.


Drive the effect using speed. Constant speed generally does not contribute heavily to sim-sickness, but can do in some users and in some situations. For example, this is more of a factor in first person games with no static reference frame (e.g. a cockpit or helmet) or directional cues.

TIP: For help choosing appropriate motion settings, see the Debug Options manual page.