EGX Rezzed + The Future


It’s been – to say the least – a crazy week.

We announced Sublevel Zero last Thursday, unsure of who would be interested or how it would be received. We’ve been astonished at the amazing response since then! With nearly 25,000 views of the trailer (not including reuploads by other people), articles on major sites including Destructoid, Rock Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer, activity on our Steam forum, loads of tweets and much more, it’s safe to say all our expectations have been exceeded. It’s great to see so many people excited about the game!

EGX Rezzed

Two days ago, we also announced that we’ll be exhibiting Sublevel Zero at EGX Rezzed!¬†We’ll be in the Indie Section all day every day, from Thursday¬†March 12th to Saturday March 14th. What’s more, we’ll be showing it on one of these Oculus Rift VR thingies you may have heard of…

We’re super excited to show the game to so many people, and can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! So if you’re at Rezzed – stop by, have a chat, and blow up some robots on us.

What’s Next?

Lots. Lots and lots and lots. Obviously, all of us at Sigtrap have a lot of work to make this game great for all you fine folks – work we’re excited about and dedicated to. As part of that, we’ll be posting regular devlogs here, as well as news posts and of course updates on our twitter account. So watch this space, and keep in touch. We want to hear your thoughts as much as we’re excited to share ours!


Finally, and most importantly, thanks to everyone involved so far. The great people at Mastertronic, everyone at Sigtrap, and of course everyone who’s got excited about Sublevel Zero and helped spread the word! We’ve got big plans for this game, and we’re looking forward to having you all along for the ride.

-Luke and Gary

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